About Us

We are quite excited about our new methodology for helping clients realize their business and personal dreams.  While most traditional consulting firms produce a quality product there is a huge disconnect between their work generated and the actual benefit to the client.  We hear the same old story over and over.


The consulting company sends in multiple staff to produce a large volume of work in a short period of time.  The cash flow continues toward the danger zone as large checks are written for hours billed plus travel.  When the project is finished, or the money is gone the staff leaves.  There are lots of procedures, manuals, spreadsheets and documentation generated.  It may have been implemented but most likely not.


Lake Hart Associates utilized a different process where we focused on implementation and coaching to reinforce the changes made to the business.  It worked but there was still a gap in the business between business processes and IT.  Most small business consulting firms focus on spreadsheets and manual procedures and shy away from technology solutions.  Technology firms usually do not have the experience to understand and adapt to common small business problems.


Lake Hart Associates made a strategic business decision to focus on solving this problem.  We started investing heavily in developing our own IT products that work with accounting software.  The next transition was to develop our own stand-alone IT solutions for client's problems.  This ranged from automating estimating/quoting, job tracking, job costing and our latest addition to the family called Wispa which is an employee communication and management system.


Why did we make this transition?  There were several factors.  The first is that technology has become more practical with the general acceptance of smart phones and the proliferation of Internet access.  Second, the labor market has become very tight which puts additional pressure on the owner to be more productive with the current staff.  Third, clients today do not have the time and money to solve their problems with manual consulting solutions alone.


Wispa is a perfect example of a cost-effective solution getting the expertise of consulting in business communications and organization without having to devote the time and expense for on-site consulting.  You get the results, have an expert to talk with and have moved your business into the 21st century. We can now foucs on solving your critical business problems through on-site or remote consulting.


Outstanding Experience

Lake Hart Associates was founded by Business Specialists, IT Consultants, Business Consultants and Coaches with experience across all types of small to medium size businesses. 


Our Business/IT Consultants and Coaches have expertise in strategic business planning, cash management, budgeting, financial reporting, IT systems integration, custom programming, organization, job costing, sales & marketing, asset protection, tax planning, valuation and estate planning.


We have leveraged all this experience into our Business Automation and IT Products to make them practical solutions for your business.  This is not a technology company truing to provide a cookie cutter approach to business but real solutions developed by professionals with experience in the type of businesses we serve.