Solving Client's Problems

Our Hybrid Business Solution

Lake Hart Associates Inc. is your portal for solving problems in small to medium size businesses.  What a dramatic change in the business environment over the past few years.  The economy was growing, unemployment was at historical low levels and technology is now more practical and affordable.  Overnight COVID-19 changed everything.  Technology is now the key to work more effectively. Control of the workforce; especially remote employees and subcontractors, is now the key to reducing costs and delivering a quality experience to your customers.  Secure and effective control of the workforce is now the key to survival and growth.


Let's face a fact.  In the short term the world has been turned upside down. Covid-19 followed by a huge increase in inflation and a potential recession are just a few of the unknowns facing business.  On site consulting is still a very valuable resource but it needs to be more cost effective for the client. Cost effective in both the short term and long term. With the advent of cloud computing, we can leverage technology to provide a permanent usable solution.


For example, our Wispa business management system gives you complete control over your business communications and organization without the need for a big project. You may still need help, but it can now be focused on solving the critical problems in your business that needs hands-on help such as job costing, estimating, cost controls, project management, sales growth, budgeting and profit growth just to name a few.  Our proven hybrid approach of working remotely with Wispa and on-site consulting is the most cost-effective method for solving your business problems within a reasonable budget. 


Lake Hart Associates can also provide complete Business Automation solutions where we integrate our extensive knowledge of business best practices with the latest in technology in estimating, job costing, job tracking, employee tracking, and financial monitoring to provide real time results at your fingertips.


Not only do you have real time information, but the integration eliminates mistakes from multiple data entry while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your labor both in the office and field.


Our business automation is a custom solution that realigns your current business practices and existing technology to be world class.  You have more control of your business and bottom-line profits. 


Why Lake Hart Associates?

At Lake Hart Associates we are hands on in everything we do.  We do not deal in the theoretical but practical applications of business best practices and technology.  More importantly we want to become your business and technology partner.  Unlike many other firms who perform their services then run for the door we will be there for the long term.  One of the fundamental problems facing small to mid-size businesses is that they cannot justify having an expert on staff for business and IT related problems.  Furthermore, we want you to focus on making money.  In order to get to an extraordinary level of business performance you need to stay focused on making money and that is where your partnership with Lake Hart Associates will take you.


Our Mantra: We Are Not Interested In An Engagement But A Relationship.